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Invest in your people and the future gets brighter

1. Your reputation is at stake every time a customer meets a member of staff. Make every customer service contact count
2. The prevalence of online shopping means people do more of their shopping remotely and the window of opportunity is shorter than it used to be. Maximise your chances of doing business with everyone who enquires. Make every sales contact count
3. Recruiting the right people is a huge challenge for most businesses these days. “Right first time!” may be mantra elsewhere in your business but if it doesn’t apply to the way you select new people you’ll pay in more ways than one
4. Don’t let your staff get smothered, buried, demotivated and unhappy. Manage, challenge, motivate, liberate, train, incentivise and reward
5. You can’t do it all. Build a team of talented, happy, expert individuals who feel at home at work and watch your business thrive

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