Go Forward with Geoff Fitchett
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  • Josh Mosey, Area Sales Manager, Park Leisure Ltd:

    “Working with sales training companies in the past, it’s clear to see why Geoff has been training the top companies for over 28 years and is still thriving!
    Geoff’s values are delivering a consumer facing, customer centric & open sales transaction. No bull and just straight forward helping sales teams and leaders deliver sales through service and real life objection handling, plus supporting customers on the journey.

    “His level of understanding people’s needs to adapt the course is outstanding. Bolting onto the straight forward process, Geoff can keep a room engaged and understand where people are to get the delivery of his course in line with a skill set variation, bringing every sales person to the same level of clarity on the process he delivers.
    After our last sales training, the delegates gave me the best feedback that I’ve ever heard about a training course, and it’s certainly the best I have ever been on. Overall an outstanding teacher and nice bloke too!

    “I would endorse Geoff and use without question. Thanks Geoff and see you soon!”

Tel: +44 (0) 7885 722822
Email: geoff@geofffitchett.com

Go Forward (UK) Ltd, 10 Park Plaza
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