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  • Jack Mably, Director – Lion Resorts:

    “If, like me, you have attended several sales training courses over time, you can be forgiven for being apprehensive when considering bringing in an outside sales trainer because you cannot be sure of the content and style of delivery and don’t want to be embarrassed.
    I have always found most sales training (especially American) very rah rah rah…. they only use short term motivational material, which any competent sales manager should know how to deliver on a regular basis.
    With Geoff Fitchett you get something different.  Your sales staff, regardless of experience and I include sales managers in that as well, will certainly get a clear understanding of what sales really is all about, including the formula that makes a good sales person- which in turn makes them realise why sales staff need regular ongoing sales training.
    Once your sales team, sales managers and trainers buy into Geoff’s training they will definitely make reference to Geoff when doing ongoing training and it will be more easy to identify if your sales team needs group or individual training sessions.   
    Using Geoff on an ongoing basis has helped us as a company to get a better understanding of our sales process, which in turn has helped us to develop a much improved sales and marketing strategy, increasing sales performance and efficiency.  
    From my experience your staff will take more from Geoff Fitchett’s training programs than any other I know!”

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