Go Forward with Geoff Fitchett
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  • Denis Lloyd Jones, Managing Director, Hillandale Caravan Parks

    “My first experience of the Geoff Fitchett style, was in October 2012, when Geoff gave a presentation to a trade association meeting, during which he shared some of his sales training techniques and philosophy. My immediate impression was – that here is someone who is knowledgeable, interesting, informative, realistic and does not talk sales person’s hogwash. Shortly afterwards I engaged Geoff’s services to coach our sales staff and to induct new team members, also to help ‘fire fight’ particular issues that arise – suffice to say that Geoff has done much more than fulfil those roles, as he is always willing to share new ideas, as well as to be a listening ear for non-sales subjects in our business. The feedback from our sales staff is that, they appreciate Geoff’s schooling with support and fully ‘buy into’ his ideas, suggestions and advice. Geoff has been guiding us for 7 years, during which time our holiday home sales have increased dramatically; thank you Geoff.”

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