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  • Adam Duncombe, Dealer Principal, Challenge Marine, Perth WA

    “10 Stars!

    “Geoff first trained me as part of a team in the UK back in the late 90’s. Five years of great coaching then led me to create my own Boat Sales Operation in Perth, Australia. So recently, when I wanted someone to coach my sales team I wanted them to be on the same page as me, and wouldn’t let anyone else train them except Geoff. A couple of emails later we had Geoff booked on a flight from the UK to spend 3 days with us here in Perth. Geoff’s training is not what many expect when you think “sales training”, it’s at a much higher / deeper level. There are no scripts to follow or tricks. It’s all about you and who you are and about the customer and who they are. No other trainers have ever come close to the genuine and natural ability of Geoff. My team and I left each day enlightened and uplifted itching to get back to the yard and put it to work. We feel privileged to have had his world class ability so close to home and have rekindled a personal friendship at the same time. Yes, Sales have increased since the training but also a more genuine approach to customers from the team. Stop your search right here as you have found your trainer! Personally happy to speak to anyone regarding this review.”

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