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  • Simon Crawford-Welch, Former President of Sales – Shell Vacations:

    “Geoff Fitchett is perhaps the best trainer I have ever seen in this business (and I’ve seen plenty!).  His style is very unassuming, there is no ego, he is very non-threatening and creates an environment of trust and open learning without fear of judgement or repercussions. I particularly like the fact that Geoff’s training is more education than it is training and that it is not a ‘one-off’ but a planned progression of training levels.  The best support I can give you is that when Geoff conducts level 2 and level 3 training, I want to personally be there to learn and to be part of the sessions.”

  • Jeff Poloway, Three ARDA Gold Medal winning Sales Supervisor:

    I have had the privilege of attending Geoff’s preparative and advanced modules over the past few months and I must say they opened my mind to an entirely new thought process in both life and sales.  Geoff’s given me the tools to help lead myself further down the path in my sales career, but has also given those same tools to my sales team, who have benefited greatly from them.  Not only do I have a better understanding of my own sales process, I have a much greater all around awareness of my customers.  In my thirteen years in this industry, I have never been exposed to such an effective and enlightening individual. 
    In Geoff’s words, ‘Successful people are the owners of their careers’.”
  • Julia Ward-Vierra, Marriott Vacation Club:

    “Geoff’s training made us realize that while it is the basics that make all the difference, the basics themselves are not simple.  The training took us beyond what is obvious.  It took us to another level.”

  • Ron Frank, MS, RRP – Principal, MacEwan & Frank. Co-Owner of: The Art of Marketing & The Discipline of Sales LLC:

    “During my more than 25 year career as a senior Sales and Marketing executive with such companies as Hilton, Radisson, Shell Vacations and Star Resort Group I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff over a 15 year period.  He has trained teams for me in diverse regions of the world and always brings a unique, insightful, and eye opening perspective to each series of sessions.  So much so that I have myself participated in many of the sessions numerous times and always walked away having learned more than I thought I could at this point in my career.  Based on fundamental selling principals; blended with a psychological insight into human behavior Geoff’s training keeps the participants on the edge of their seats as he weaves his magic.  What I have always found most unique about working with Geoff is that within hours of completing a course with him I have watched my teams apply what they have learned immediately in their interactions with clients giving the training “real time value”.  I would retain Geoff to work with any team under my supervision regardless of their level of experience.  His written debriefing on each participant becomes an invaluable management tool in maximizing the talents and mitigating the weaknesses of each team member.”

  • Ryan Davis, Holiday Home Sales Executive, Marlie Farm Holiday Park:

    “Fantastic.  The most thought provoking course I’ve ever been on.”

  • Matthew Warne, Holiday Home Sales Executive, Park Holidays UK:

    “I have benefitted hugely from Geoff’s training and think that anyone, in any line of work, would.”

  • Luke Johnson, Sales Executive, Seaview Holiday Park:

    “Geoff’s training keeps me focused, interested and even fascinated.  His experience, knowledge, kind-heartedness and own delight at engaging with his students is infectious.  He leaves you in a very good place.”

  • Dean Millen, Sales Executive, Park Holidays UK:

    “An inspiration!  Geoff has the ability to educate without the boredom that sometimes comes from courses.  I’ve been taught life skills as well as career skills.  His knowledge is endless!”

  • Jon Williams, Sales Advisor, Parkdean Holidays :

    “Brilliant, simply brilliant!  I can honestly say that it was so much better than any previous course I have been on.  Geoff is personable and engaging, and he holds your attention whilst not droning on like some other trainers.  The course was well paced and interspersed with humour, which I found kept my attention well.  With so many techniques, phrases and other touches for me to add to my repertoire I feel full of confidence moving forward with my career.  I felt compelled to write as sometimes people wonder what they might gain from a course such as the one I have attended.  I am so glad to have been.  Very recommended.”

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