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If someone has taken the trouble to comment on something I've done for them, then this is where that goes (assuming it is complimentary!). Thank you, every word is true!
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  • Paul Wheater to Yamaha Motor Europe Head Office

    “Hi gents, just a quick email to let you know how impressed I was with yesterdays first course in the new programme. The content was relevant, informative and enjoyable. A pleasant break from the norm where courses are concerned. Geoff Fitchett is a great bloke, knows his stuff, kept us engaged and had a good laugh at the same time. I can’t sing his praises enough. I am actually looking forward to the next training session and I like the direction you’re heading with it. Keep up the good work!”

  • Charles Boucher, Sales Manager, Park Leisure Ltd:

    “Amazing teacher and has helped my Sales team achieve great things!!”

  • Josh Mosey, Area Sales Manager, Park Leisure Ltd:

    “Working with sales training companies in the past, it’s clear to see why Geoff has been training the top companies for over 28 years and is still thriving!
    Geoff’s values are delivering a consumer facing, customer centric & open sales transaction. No bull and just straight forward helping sales teams and leaders deliver sales through service and real life objection handling, plus supporting customers on the journey.

    “His level of understanding people’s needs to adapt the course is outstanding. Bolting onto the straight forward process, Geoff can keep a room engaged and understand where people are to get the delivery of his course in line with a skill set variation, bringing every sales person to the same level of clarity on the process he delivers.
    After our last sales training, the delegates gave me the best feedback that I’ve ever heard about a training course, and it’s certainly the best I have ever been on. Overall an outstanding teacher and nice bloke too!

    “I would endorse Geoff and use without question. Thanks Geoff and see you soon!”

  • Tania Duarte, Sales & Marketing Director – Maya Asset Management:

    “Geoff’s value is not only in his extensive experience and insight, but in his ability to tailor his skill and knowledge so appropriately to the organisation’s specific life cycle stage, structure and objectives.  When delivering training for a diverse group involved in caravan holiday home sales, with between   1 day to 20 years sales experience, Geoff was able to simultaneously engage, motivate and educate all involved.  He leaves behind a clarity of purpose and enhanced understanding that will greatly increase the power of the sales operation.”

  • Mark Bebb, Joint Managing Director – Salop Leisure:

    “In the very specialised caravan industry, finding genuine expertise is difficult.  Geoff’s in depth knowledge and his keen insights make him something special.  Our company has benefitted greatly from the long-standing relationship we have forged.  Geoff’s training is very effective, and his consultancy is extremely useful for our management team.  I whole-heartedly recommend Geoff Fitchett to anyone wishing to improve and grow their business.”

  • Linda Syrett – Hilton Grand Vacations, Orange Lake Country Club:

    “It is a privilege to describe someone as uniquely talented as Geoff Fitchett.  His training is positively transforming; not just for an individual but for an entire company and it works at any level within the organization.  Geoff can bring out the best in anyone even if they are initially reluctant, as I was.  Given time, he will guide them to their highest potential. 
    I have enjoyed the benefits of Geoff’s training and consultancy visits for many years and during that time he has sculpted me from a average sales representative to a highly successful Director of Sales and my track record says it all. Beyond his transformation of my professional career, Geoff’s teaching has also touched my personal life, enriching it through his dedicated and highly education training methods.  In nineteen years of working in this industry and after a plethora of other training regimes, I can testify that his approach and teachings are absolutely second to none. 
    I would highly recommend Geoff to any individual or company wishing to expand and improve upon their business.  In fact, I would consider any company fortunate to have Geoff accept an engagement with them.”  
  • Jack Mably, Director – Lion Resorts:

    “If, like me, you have attended several sales training courses over time, you can be forgiven for being apprehensive when considering bringing in an outside sales trainer because you cannot be sure of the content and style of delivery and don’t want to be embarrassed.
    I have always found most sales training (especially American) very rah rah rah…. they only use short term motivational material, which any competent sales manager should know how to deliver on a regular basis.
    With Geoff Fitchett you get something different.  Your sales staff, regardless of experience and I include sales managers in that as well, will certainly get a clear understanding of what sales really is all about, including the formula that makes a good sales person- which in turn makes them realise why sales staff need regular ongoing sales training.
    Once your sales team, sales managers and trainers buy into Geoff’s training they will definitely make reference to Geoff when doing ongoing training and it will be more easy to identify if your sales team needs group or individual training sessions.   
    Using Geoff on an ongoing basis has helped us as a company to get a better understanding of our sales process, which in turn has helped us to develop a much improved sales and marketing strategy, increasing sales performance and efficiency.  
    From my experience your staff will take more from Geoff Fitchett’s training programs than any other I know!”
  • Joe Malone, 30 years in the industry, National Director of Sales – Shell Vacations, Colorado Resort Intervals, & Australia’s Holiday Resort Properties:

    “Simply put, I can strongly recommend Geoff Fitchett’s courses on the basis of results;  i.e. measurable improvements to our sales closing rates, recission rates and staff retention rates. Geoff tailors his seminars according  to sales experience and efficiencies, producing a flexible training product replete with information, videotaped role play and interpersonal skill development with practical application to the shared ownership industry. From our newest to our most senior, the sales representatives and managers at our resorts have improved performances and an enhanced understanding of the sales process after participating in Geoff’s seminars.”

  • Paul Evans, Chairman – PEP:

    “Geoff is a rare talent – a natural trainer who nevertheless  has continued to absorb and develop new skills throughout his career.  His special gift is to take a fresh look at every training challenge and to bring intelligent and innovative solutions that are woven into his courses and delivery. Never one to accept the status quo, Geoff can always be relied upon to stimulate the most experienced delegates with his own enthusiasm and energy.”

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