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Retirement Property Sales Training

Sales Training: Having trained the sales teams for the industry leader, Audley, a suite of training courses has been built up to transform the sales performance of these operations. In the seven years I have been involved, various events have served to aide improvements in performance and training is just one significant part. Compared to the years prior, sales performance is up by over 1,000% and no, that is not a typo.

The market is a sensitive one. The customer is shrewd, normally personally successful and yet rightly considered ‘vulnerable’ due to their age. It takes a particular type of salesperson to be genuinely successful at this, combining high-level sales skills with sensibilities at odds with some sales practices.

The customer comes first is a common mantra in a wide variety of sales settings, but it’s unlikely to be more true than when someone in their eighties is contemplating spending several million pounds on their last ever home.

Bespoke training courses for audiences of one to many and from a few hours to nine days in three chucks (of 4, 3 & 2).

Sales Management programs are also available. As are Telephone and Selling Property via Zoom sessions.



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