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Splitting people into types has been with us since Hypocrites determined that people were effected by whether their humours were in balance and identified, black bile, yellow bile, blood and phlegm as being significant drivers to behaviour. This was an extension to pre-classical thinking – possibly with its origins in Egyptian medicine – that people were affected by their make-up, principally earth, fire, water and air and while neither of these models has stood the test of time, an appreciation that we are different, think in diverse ways, respond differently to others in set circumstances, has never left us.

Behavioural science has given us models of increasing sophistication and accuracy and since D.I.S.C appeared in the 1980s it has led the field in psychometrics of its type. The world’s leading provider of what are generically known as people assessment tools is Thomas International who provide D.I.S.C. under the heading PPA (Personal Profile Analysis), plus a range of other tools, perhaps the best being ‘Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire’ (TEIQue) and ‘General Intelligence Assessment’. Together, these provide an excellent battery of tools.

Like all professional providers of these tools, Thomas International operate by a best practice code of conduct that recommends they are used only in conjunction with a certified professional to carry out the debriefs. I’m happy to be able to provide that service and strongly recommend each of these tools and Thomas International as the best source of assessment tools.

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