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Motorcycle Sales Training

1 day, 2 day and 3 day programmes to help salespeople sell more bikes and more accessories while hanging onto margin. Incorporating finance and properly appraising part-exchanges. Longer programmes consider organisation, customer follow-up and using a diary system.

Bespoke sessions to suit your specific needs are available including exclusively Scooter Sales Training.


Retailing Clothing & Accessories

This is where is it important to recognise that you are a retailer, not a dealer. The staff responsible for looking after accessories, clothing (including the increasingly popular ranges of leisurewear) ought to be more than some kind of bolt-on support function for the motorcycle sales department.

A 1 day session would cover:

  • Display and merchandising
  • Stock turn
  • Margin & mark-up
  • Customer service & sales techniques
  • Taking over customers who have just purchased a motorcycle
  • Customer follow-up

Shop management sessions focus more heavily on the first three bullet points. The session can also be geared more towards parts sales.


Workshop Management/Service Reception

1 day sessions separately or combined to include;

  • Loading
  • Booking (selling appointments)
  • Inspection
  • Selling up
  • Customer contact and follow-up
  • Interacting with other departments
  • Handover
  • Selling service programmes
  • Assisting in the sale of motorcycles
  • Handling difficult customers



All the usual management sessions found elsewhere on this website can be geared towards motorcycle dealerships, but one recommended session which has proved particularly useful is:

Managing by numbers

  • Departmental performance
  • Turning composite data into better performance
  • Staff levels, stock turn, the balance sheet, allocation of funds, return on investment

A useful and insightful overview in a 1-day session, or more in-depth over 2 days.



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