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Consultancy packages are entirely bespoke, often open-ended and frequently part of a training and development programme.


Areas of application include:

-Sales process
-Flow of customers through the business
-Staffing levels
-Recruiting the right people
-Customer service levels
-Management & organization
-Customer contact processes


Consultancy may be a useful option when:

-The business is underperforming but it is unclear where the cause lies.
-When several factors are likely to be at fault but priorities are difficult to identify, or their relationship is complicated.
-Many things have already been tried without success.
-Existing partnerships have failed to create improvements.
-The business simply needs an external perspective.

Consultancy packages are entirely bespoke, often open-ended and frequently part of a training and development programme.

Would some consultancy help you now?

Businesses typically grow, plateau, grow, plateau. Along the way those that survive pass through a variety of stages resulting eventually in a mature and stablConsultancy bullets & brackete operation who’s:




So, how are things?

  1. You’re good or you wouldn’t have taken the business so far already
  2. You might be sensing that what worked before isn’t working so well now and you need a little guidance. What is everyone else doing?
  3. You might know what to do but just need a second opinion. The radical thing or the expensive thing feels too risky without the confidence that comes from external expertise
  4. As your business has grown, the things you know most about may not be enough. Where do we go from here? Who to promote? Who will take the additional responsibility? What resources are needed?
  5. Maybe you’ve employed someone who doesn’t fit. If they are in a senior position they can sink your business. Before it’s too late, get an expert in to check them out
  6. Are a handful of your staff your biggest headache instead of your greatest resource? Medium and large businesses typically employ a percentage of people who drain the energy, suck out the fun and sabotage many corporate endeavours. “It’s not the people you fire who are the problem, it’s the ones you should fire you need to think about.”
  7. Are your people getting on with it or do they freeze as soon as something unusual happens? Do they come to you for everything?
  8. Is the team happy? Did you employ cheery, motivated and eager people only to watch them struggle under the burden, wither, lose their spark and leave you wondering what happened to the people you recruited?
  9. Was it all a lot easier when the business was smaller? Does it feel like it’s out of control? Does your culture of customer service creak and groan under the burden of cumbersome systems? Is a big part of each day spent fighting fires?
  10. Maybe it’s alright. Maybe there’s nothing you can quite put your finger on but you sense that it ought to be better than this. Maybe you’d like to get a little energy and momentum back into the business but everything’s sort-of okay and you’re half afraid to go poking around. Well, wouldn’t it be useful to know?cogs


You are not alone. None of this is new or unique. Help is at hand. Get in touch to discuss your ambitions for your business and the challenges you face.


Good training is:

  • Designed to achieve the goals of the business
  • Suited to the abilities of the group involved
  • Flexible enough to adapt to changes of timescale, venue, the delegates' pace of learning and short-term tactical issues

Training works best when:

In other words, training is a partnership with the managers and staff within a business and must fit the operation.
The training message is a replication and extension of the management message. The language and style is one which is understood by those asked to learn, develop and change.
Training is what all professionals do to increase their potential.  Achieved through new knowledge, the maintenance of skills, fine-tuning their judgment and maintaining a healthy attitude.

"Success is never an accident"

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