Go Forward with Geoff Fitchett
Expert Training and Consultancy services from a sales genius

Caravan Holiday Home Sales Training

When business is tougher, it’s more important than ever to make the most of every opportunity. Geoff specialises in:

  • Using a proven, customer-friendly sales process to win more sales
  • Getting upgrades from your owner base
  • Capturing walk-in enquiries and turning them into sales
  • Responding to emails and web-enquiries
  • Gently managing follow-up information to encourage future business

Advanced Sales Training

  • For experienced salespeople (for salespeople who have successfully applied previous GF sales training)
  • Handling customer attitudes (including objections)
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Urgency – closing the sale today



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    Tel: +44 (0) 7885 722822
    Email: geoff@geofffitchett.com

    Go Forward (UK) Ltd, 10 Park Plaza
    Battlefields Enterprise Park
    Shrewsbury, SY1 3AF
    United Kingdom

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